Package for CentOS 7: gnupg2-2.2.18-2.el7

I have previously written about how I use debmirror on CentOS 7 to keep a local copy of the Devuan Ceres package pools.

A recent problem I discovered, is that the recent update of debmirror in CentOS 7 changed the way it uses gpgv to validate the Release and associated files that define an apt repo. The version of gnupg2 in el7 is not sufficient for how debmirror-2.33-1.el7 invokes gpgv, so debmirror always chokes out in the proper apt fashion, because it cannot trust the origin repository.

I took it upon myself to fork the Fedora sources for gnupg2 and related packages. With very minor changes, the packages compiled on el7 just fine! You can go connect to my COmmunity PRoject (copr) and upgrade these packages.

gnupg2.x86_64              2.2.18-2.el7
libassuan.x86_64           2.5.2-2.el7
libgcrypt-stackrpms.x86_64 1.8.5-1.el7
libgpg-error.x86_64        1.33-2.el7
libksba.x86_64             1.3.5-9.el7
npth.x86_64                1.6-2.el7

Using this version of gnupg2 will let debmirror operate correctly on CentOS 7. I seriously doubt many people in the world are running this kind of setup, but in case you are, here you go.