Projects I’m Thankful For


My life is made so much easier and more fun because of all the projects on the greater Internet. The vast majority of them are free and open source software. If I ever get spare money, these are the projects to which I would donate, in no particular order.

Projects to be thankful for

OS/desktop environments


  • VIM: VI iMproved. My choice of editors on the cli.
  • SciTE: Programmer’s editor I use on GNU/Linux.
  • Notepad++: Programmer’s editor on a non-free OS. I actually like this way better than SciTE.
  • Pale Moon web browser: My preferred web browser. Forked off of Firefox in the v. 24 days, it is the best snapshot of web browsing as it should be.
  • Firefox web browser. My second-favorite web browser, and original upstream project of Pale Moon.
  • Classic shell. This application modifies the Windows shell so it is extremely functional and include some of the removed functionality of previous iterations of Windows.
  • Puddletag: My preferred mp3 tag editor. Its original goal was to provide functionality similar to mp3tag, which was also really useful to me.
  • PhotoRec: Data recovery tool. This software has rescued terabytes of data for me from disks where the partition table was overwritten.
  • FreeFileSync. Think rsync but with a gui. It allows you to make exceptions from a detailed file listing, before executing the sync.
  • Veracrypt: cross-platform disk encryption. This is basically the replacement to TrueCrypt. I still use this, instead of cryptsetup and LUKS, because I still have to be around Windows clients.
  • Waterfox: A fork of Firefox around version 55. It still preserves NPAPI plugins and disables all the random cruft Mozilla never should have added to Firefox. The only caveat is it is 64-bit only.
  • FreeIPA: Provides identity, policy, and trust management. This tool provides a domain suitable for GNU/Linux hosts. This is arguably the best product to ever come out of Red Hat (after the .rpm file format). The FreeIPA team maintains sssd, the daemon that makes it easy for Linux systems to join Active Directory.


Network storage and transfers