Run pidgin as other user

It looks like pidgin can leak your pam login name to an irc server to which you connect. So I set up a new user and run pidgin with that.


# 2020-07-05 07:35
# run as main user (bgstack15) inside GNU screen
xauth extract /tmp/.$$ $DISPLAY
chmod 0644 /tmp/.$$
sudo su newuser -c "xauth merge /tmp/.$$ ; pidgin ;"

It took some initial preparation to move my pidgin profile over, of course.

useradd newuser
sudo passwd newuser
sudo cp -pr ~bgstack15/.purple ~newuser
sudo chown -R newuser.newuser ~newuser/.purple

I feel like I’m the only pidgin irc user in the world…


Web references

Use su with ssh X-forwarding | Knowledge Base (this site)

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