Package for devuan: xdgmenumaker

After a healthy discussion on the Devuan forum about how to get xdg-compliant menus for non-xdg-compliant window managers, I went and packaged up xdgmenumaker for Devuan!

You can go install this utility as an easy dpkg from my OBS, which includes a few of my own wrapper tools. One is a nice menu entry for rebuilding the fluxbox menus.

The nature of xdg menus is to use the system-wide /usr/share/applications directory and its contents, and also include your local ~/.local/share/applications (or other $XDG_DATA_DIRS/applications/ locations as defined), so using the system-wide xdg fluxbox menu would not be complete. Therefore, I highly recommend adding to your ~/.fluxbox/startup script:

/usr/bin/xdgmenumaker -f fluxbox -i > ~/.fluxbox/xdg-menu &

And adjust your ~/.fluxbox/menu file to include at least these entries:

[include] (.fluxbox/xdg-menu)
#[include] (/etc/xdgmenumaker/fluxbox)

I recommend the above commented line, because in case for some reason your per-user stuff is broken,
The dpkg I build provides a menu entry for reloading it, so you don’t have to go to the command line and run the above command.
screenshot showing "Update xdg menu (fluxbox)" menu entry

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