Package for devuan: waterfox

In my Internet searching I have not found a Devuan-centric Waterfox classic package. So I decided to bundle it myself!
You can see the build info for it in OBS, as well as use the nice download page to get it for yourself. This build is for Devuan Ceres.

It excludes pulseaudio and dbus, which is why I call it “Devuan centric.” While the Open Build Service only offers Debian builds, the package will install just fine on Devuan ceres. If you are the more paranoid type, you can examine my sources and even build the package yourself on Devuan!


I follow a number of people on the Internet to learn packing tricks for dpkgs, or for how to build Waterfox. I know basically nothing about real software development, but I can build scripts pretty well, especially when I can follow good examples.

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