All packages in my copr are CentOS 8-ready

I have confirmed that all the packages in my COPR have compiled for CentOS 8! I personally only have a single headless vm for CentOS 8 so the applications might malfunction. Please report to me if any failures occur.

Backstory time

When CentOS 8 was finally released (September 24), I downloaded it right away and updated my kickstart process for it (future post).

Some packages built just fine right away, on the rhel8beta repo. Some failed because they use ImageMagick which wasn’t compiled yet, but has since been added. I use the “convert” utility like a lot of packagers do, for converting an svg to instantiated png files for icons. Anyway, I was considering rewriting my scripts to use GraphicsMagick but thankfully upstream added ImageMagick, which reduced my workload considerably.

Some packages failed because various libraries were unavailable, and were still unavailable. Using one of my preferred upstreams (city-fan) and rebuilding some Fedora packages, I added libraries necessary to compile the rest of my packages.

It is worth noting that CentOS 8 uses dnf modules or “streams.” I don’t fully understand the concept, and personally think it only causes problems. I had to compile curl-7.66.0 and host it myself, because of which repositories I had to enable and disable to get the right perl modules to compile it. Libcurl is required to compile FreeFileSync, and various unimportant perl modules are required to compile libcurl. However, due to the modules in dnf/yum, there is a conflict between certain latest perl packages in that stream, with other repositories, and I was unable to configure the COPR to take any old version of the perl modules.

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