How I run Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator on Devuan ceres

I like to play Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator with my friends.

To install my licensed Artemis 2.7.0 game on Devuan using Wine, I use the official Debian instructions for installing the Buster version of winehq-devel.

sudo su -
dpkg --add-architecture i386 # needed for packages
wget -O- -nc | apt-key add -
   echo "# And for Debian Buster this one:"
   echo "deb buster main"
} >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winehq.list
apt-get update
apt-get install -y winehq-devel winetricks

I was having a problem getting the game to run, and after much Internet searching I found what I think is the working solution!

wine regedit

Set this value:


I was warned that this is very experimental and might break wine in unintended ways, so be very careful when applying this. If Artemis works without setting this registry key, then do not set the registry key.



  1. Useful Registry Keys – WineHQ Wiki
  2. 2.7 Crash / Wineskin – Artemis SBS Forums
  3. View Single Post – Running Artemis on Mac? – Artemis SBS Forums
  4. Debian – WineHQ Wiki

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